APX is a power exchange providing trading and clearing services for the wholesale market, operating transparent platforms in the Netherlands, the United Kingdom and Belgium. APX provides exchange trading, central clearing & settlement and benchmark data and industry indices distribution services to over 180 members from more than 15 countries.

As an experienced and innovative European energy exchange, we offer an efficient, transparent and secure electronic trading environment and provide market data for use by traders, energy suppliers and energy-intensive industries. In addition, APX promotes market innovation and creates new opportunities by working closely with its members, Transmission System Operators (TSOs) and other power exchanges.

Single Integrated Market

APX shares the vision of the EU for the realisation of a single, integrated market. APX is focused on delivering an integrated European electricity market and therefore is involved with numerous integration projects. APX will remain a leading force in the design process of market coupling and act as one of its daily operators.


APX is fully owned by EPEX SPOT SE.  APX offices are in Amsterdam, Brussels and London.