North-Western European Price Coupling in good progress

Unprecedented European project by its size and complexity necessitates top quality and daily reliability

The Partners involved in the NWE Price Coupling are completely dedicated to the NWE project, a project that will facilitate every further step to be taken towards the pan-European Market Coupling. The NWE objective is to significantly increase the social welfare by optimizing the congestion management of more than twenty borders across thirteen countries.

By implementing for the first time the Price Coupling of Regions (PCR), NWE will not only expand the scale of today’s coupling solutions in Central Western Europe (CWE), the Nordic countries and between these two regions, but will also include Great Britain, the Baltic countries and the SwePol link between Sweden and Poland.

NWE will provide a new price coupling system, focusing on robustness and ensuring compatibility with the rest of Europe. Since the South Western European region (Portugal and Spain) is already well advanced, it is decided to have common testing with SWE making sure that price coupling of these countries will be feasible soon after NWE goes live.

NWE Price Coupling is carried by a strong partnership between 13 Transmission System Operators (TSO) and 4 Power Exchanges. It is pioneering the pan-European Market Coupling of Day-Ahead power markets. NWE will cover 75% of the European Electricity market. We are currently implementing and testing locally the necessary IT changes, procedures and contracts. Testing of all systems, including integration testing, shall start in April. The project is targeted to go live in November 2013 subject to successful testing.

Price coupling projects like NWE have a considerable impact on infrastructure, hence this solution has to be extremely robust. We, the partners of the NWE Price Coupling project, are therefore committed to enhance these quality standards to the NWE Price Coupling. We are engaged to deliver this achievement on a European scale.

Stakeholders will be regularly informed about the on-going process through the ACER Stakeholders Electricity Advisory Group (ASEAG) and Stakeholder meetings, the next to be scheduled for 14th of June in London. Beginning of March all published material from the project, including a monthly report to the regulators, will be found on CASC’s and on the NWE Power Exchanges’ websites via the respective links as published at the bottom. The national TSOs, Power Exchanges and regulators are ultimately responsible for information and transparency to stakeholders and market participants in their own region.

The NWE Project Partners

For more information, please contact the co-chairs of the NWE project:

Bente Hagem, Executive Vice President of Statnett
Tel. +47 91354720

Jean-François Conil-Lacoste, Chairman of the Management Board of EPEX SPOT
Tel. +33 173039630