Traded Volumes See 40% Growth in August


Power spot and clearing exchange APX today announces the volumes of its power markets for the month of August. A total of 10.98 TWh was traded and cleared across all markets, marking another month of healthy volumes and 40% growth year-on-year.

The Power NL Day-Ahead auction experienced 4% growth year-on-year and reached a total of 3.81 TWh traded, whilst 78 GWh was traded on the Dutch Intraday market.

The Belpex Day-Ahead auction saw another month of strong volumes with 2.18 TWh traded in August, exceeding the previous year’s volume by 25%. 54 GWh was traded on the Belpex Intraday market.

The Power UK market experienced another successful month in August with a total of 4.86 TWh traded and cleared on the market. The volumes traded on the Power UK Continuous market recorded a total of 931 GWh while the volumes on the Power UK Day-Ahead auction remained strong with 3.77 TWh traded in August, up by nearly 260% year-on-year.

The Half Hour Day-Ahead 15:30 auction continued the trend of continuous growth and reached another monthly record with 148 GWh traded while the Power UK OTC Bilateral clearing registered 7 GWh.

Price Convergence and Day-Ahead Indices

In August, the CWE region had full price convergence for approximately 21% of the time. The Dutch price converged with the German price 23% and with the Belgian price 24% of the time. The Belgian price was converging with the French price 21% of the time.

The Dutch power index for the Day-Ahead Market, APX NL DAM Index, had a monthly average price of €38.87/MWh in August. Belix, the index for the Belpex Day-Ahead Market, had an average price of €42.43/MWh and the UK power index for the Day-Ahead Market, UKPX Auction Base Index, had a monthly average hourly price of £40.62/MWh.

Spot Indices

UKPX RPD Spot Base Load Index (derived from APX Power UK’s Reference Price Data (RPD)) had a high of £47.33/MWh on 6 August and a low of £35.98/MWh on 3 August. UKPX RPD Spot Industrial Peak Load Index (also RPD-derived) had a high of £56.35/MWh on 14 August and a low of £35.87/MWh on 29 August.


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