APX Holding B.V., its affiliates and subsidiaries (“APX Group”) are committed to safeguarding the privacy of our customers and APX Group website (“Website”) visitors. APX Group makes extensive efforts to protect our customers’ confidential transaction data. Visitors to our Website can be assured that APX Group will not disclose their contact information to third parties.

The following summarizes the information gathering and privacy protection practices of APX Group.

Website practices

Information Automatically Logged. APX Group uses server logs to administer its Website. Server logs are analyzed by commercial tools to provide simple access demographics, including “New vs. Returning Visitors,” “Most Frequently Visited Pages,” and similar statistical reports. Although some reports may identify particular computers or networks by IP address, this data is for internal use only and is not shared with other companies or agencies (unless required by law).


The Website uses ‘cookies’ to track the state of user sessions. Cookies are also used to deliver specific content to an individual user’s interests. For example, cookies can be used to disable start-up animations that a user may prefer to skip or to provide a user’s default server name. No personal information is stored in cookies. Although disabling cookies is possible, some Website features are not functional without them.

External Links

APX Group is not responsible for the privacy practices or the content of websites operated by other organizations for which there are links on the Website.

Customer Information Practices

Customer Registration Forms. To receive or use APX Group market services, all APX Group customers complete a registration form as part of the sign-up procedure. APX Group uses the contact information in the registration forms to communicate with its customers. Unique and secure identifiers (i.e., login ids) are used to verify the participant’s identity when logging into APX Group systems for trading or managing settlements.

Software and Data Access. Only registered clients are allowed to download and use the APX Group application software or to access settlement data. All clients are authenticated either by the use of a Digipass or by supplying a valid User ID and password. All application and browser communication (including login ids/ passwords) is encrypted.

Special Relationships. In the future, APX Group may enter into agreements or partnerships with other information providers in order to provide seamless energy-related content to our customers. This Privacy Statement will be amended to include any additional privacy considerations that may arise.

General Practices Security

The Website and market service servers are distributed over several geographic locations to ensure high availability. Each location has security measures in place to protect against the loss, misuse, or alteration of the information under APX Group’s control. APX Group periodically reviews and updates its security measures to incorporate the most current best practices and technologies.

While APX Group expends extensive efforts to safeguard the privacy rights of our customers and our Website visitors (unless disclosure is required by law), APX Group assumes no liability for inadvertent disclosure.