CWE Flow-Based Market Coupling

The Memorandum of Understanding of June 2007 stated the intention of starting a Flow Based Market Coupling in the CWE Region. After the launch of the Available Transmission Capacity (ATC) based Market Coupling on 9 November 2010, work on the Flow Based solution has continued.

The Flow Based model is a methodology which describes the network in order to take into account the impacts of cross-border exchanges on network security constraints when optimising the market flows (i.e. the match of offer and demand) for the concerned region, thus offering more capacity and maximising the social welfare generated.

Information on the Flow Based methodology can be found in the Questions & Answers in the Download section of this wep page.

Please also visit CASC website for further information and project documentation.

CWE Enhanced Flow-Based MC intuitiveness report – Discussion paper

The CWE project partners want to provide the market with a basis for discussion on whether FB “plain” MC or FB “intuitive” MC should be implemented at the CWE level, i.e. whether the CWE FBMC should enforce the intuitiveness of the prices and exchanges or not. The following report has been designed as a working document giving a theoretical and neutral overview of all possible impacts that were identified so far for each method.

Events and consultations

  • CWE Flow-Based Forum took place on 1 June 2011 in Amsterdam. For details, please download the presentation of the event.
  • A North-Western Europe Price Coupling stakeholder forum was organised in Brussels on 26 September 2012. The CWE Flow Based project partners seized the opportunity of the NWE stakeholder forum on 26 September 2012 in Brussels to report on its progress. Download presentation.
  • On 7 March 2013, a CWE Flow-Based Market Coupling Forum was held in Düsseldorf. For details, please download the
    presentationworkshop session 1 and workshop session 2 presentations of the event.
  • The latest Flow-Based Forum was held on 10 October 2013 in Brussels. For details, please download the presentation of the event.