Cross-Border Intraday

Intraday markets are an important tool for market parties to keep positions balanced as injections and/or off-take may change between the day-ahead stage and real time operations. The growth of intermittent generation capacity makes efficient Intraday markets even more relevant.

APX and Belpex have already responded to the needs of the market by establishing transparent and efficient continuous traded Intraday markets where market parties can easily trade their Intraday positions.

The possibility for market parties to trade out their imbalances would be improved if they could not only benefit from the national available Intraday liquidity, but also from the available liquidity in other areas, provided there is cross-border (“XB”) capacity made available to support the integration of trading.

In order to help realise this goal, APX, Belpex and Nord Pool Spot have signed a Principles of Cooperation to work together to develop and establish an integrated cross-border Intraday trading solution, with the ultimate goal of facilitating a single market across Europe.

As a consequence, the Dutch and Belgian Intraday markets operated by APX and Belpex have been coupled with the Elbas Intraday markets operated by Nord Pool Spot, using the Elbas technology, which has a proven track record in the Nordic market over the years.