OTC Bilateral

The OTC Bilateral facility allows Members to have their OTC Bilateral trades cleared, settled and nominated by EPEX SPOT (formerly APX) using the EuroLight® platform.  There is no need for individual credit arrangements between parties as existing collateral held with EPEX SPOT is utilised.

The trades are entered into EuroLight by the originating trader and the counterpart to the trade is requested to confirm. The trade is then automatically notified and submitted for clearing and settlement by EPEX SPOT. These trades will not appear on the market screen and do not impact any market indices.

This will allow all parties (especially new entrants / smaller players) much greater access to OTC Bilateral trading activities, providing a more cost effective route to market. It allows an efficient and effect means of clearing and notifying pre-arranged trades or off screen trades.

This service is included within the membership fee and therefore only standard trading and clearing fees are applied to each transaction . Members will need to register and designate individual trading rights before using this functionality to confirm they are willing to have their names listed as companies willing to participate in bilateral, cleared and notified arrangements.

Using the service is simple: you will need to be a full trading member of EPEX SPOT for UK Power. Trading activity is governed by the Market Rules of EPEX SPOT (formerly APX) and therefore there are no additional legal agreements to sign.

Available segments

  • All UK Spot Power segments apart from Half Hour are listed
  • Available 24/7