Spot Market

EPEX SPOT (formerly APX Power UK) offers physical electricity products for trading on its 24/7 electronic platform, EuroLight. The spot market is used for balancing and trading purposes and consists of half hourly products of electricity as well as discrete standardised blocks made up of the individual half hours. All Spot products traded on the EuroLight platform are automatically cleared and notified providing a fully integrated and efficient solution for members.

The spot products, listed below, contribute to the EPEX SPOT RPD (Reference Price Data) and Spot Indices.

ContractPeriod CoveredHrsOpens for Trading
4 Hrs block6 blocks/day, block 1 begins 23:00; block 6 ends 23:004Rolling 7 days
2 Hrs block12 blocks/day, block 1A begins 23:00; block 6B ends 23:00249 1/2 Hrs prior to start of delivery
1 Hr block24 blocks/day, block 23 begins at 23:00; block 22 ends 23:00148 Hrs prior to start of delivery
Half hour block48 periods/day, 1/2 Hr 1 begins 00:00; 1/2 Hr 48 to end 00:000.549 1/2 Hrs prior to start of delivery

EPEX SPOT (formerly APX Power UK) Fee Schedule

Entrance fee:£5,000
Membership (per annum):Fee
Full Membership£25,750
View Only£8,400
ECV Notification Service£12,000
Clearing Membership (applied once per entity per year)£2,700
Technology (applied once per entity per year)£4,410

Spot and Forward Power Markets Transaction Fees

ProductTrading Fee (p/MWh)Clearing Fee (pMWh)
≤ 2hrs Spot Power Continuous Orders or
≥ 4 hrs Spot Power Continuous Orders matched after 18:00 on D-1
≥ 4hrs Spot Power Continuous Orders matched before 18:00 on D-11.250.5
Trades via OTC give-up service01.75
Pending ECV Notifications*1.50

* To the extent only that the total amount owing in respect of all Pending ECV Notifications in the calendar month exceeds the ECV Notification Service monthly fee.

Clearing & Settlement

EPEX SPOT is the central counterparty to all trades; all contracts are traded anonymously, then cleared and settled on behalf of Members. All Members are required to lodge collateral in the form of Cash or Letter of Credit in excess of outstanding exposures at all times.


All trades are notified to the industry ECVAA (Energy Contract Volume Aggregation Agent) immediately on behalf of Members. EPEX SPOT also offers third-party notification services, acting as the ECVNA (Energy Contract Volume Notification Agent).


In order to take part in the EPEX SPOT market, prospective members must first accede to the market rules of EPEX SPOT. The process for new members is the subject of a separate document (available on request).