Third Party Notification and View Only Services

Under the New Electricity Trading Arrangements (NETA), all trading parties have to report contracted positions to the Energy Contract Volume Aggregation Agent (ECVAA). All products traded on EPEX SPOT (formerly APX Power UK) will be automatically notified by EPEX SPOT before gate closure. For over-the-counter (OTC transactions), notification is achieved by parties reporting positions through an authorised Energy Contract Volume Notification Agent (ECVNA). EPEX SPOT provides an independent, secure and efficient service for notifying OTC traded positions to ECVAA.

The EPEX SPOT third party notification service allows members and non-trading members to easily submit contract notifications to ECVAA. The EPEX SPOT system used in the UK, EuroLight, provides all the functionality required, in a simple to use template, to input and submit the agreed contract volumes to your counterparty. The counterpart to the trade will be notified that there is a contract notice waiting to be confirmed. Once they have viewed and confirmed the details of the trade, EPEX SPOT will take liability for ensuring correct notification to the ECVAA.

The service is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Members are able to confirm notifications up until 15 minutes prior to gate closure. The EuroLight system notifies in “overwrite” mode, minimizing the Elexon charges.

View Only Service

The EPEX SPOT View Only service enables subscribers to view EPEX SPOT’s EuroLight (Spot and Prompt) screen in real-time. This non-trading facility allows subscribers to access real time information including best bids and offers, market depth and trade history for a variety of products across the Spot and Prompt Markets.