EuroLight® is the trading platform which is used by EPEX SPOT markets in the UK. The system has proven to be robust and flexible.

In the context of the merger of EPEX SPOT and former APX Group, all other EPEX SPOT power markets in Central Western Europe (CWE) – Germany/Austria, France, the Netherlands, Belgium and Switzerland – are running on unified power trading systems. Trading participants benefit from a simplified infrastructure and the possibility to trade power across the CWE region on one single screen per market segment.


The DataCapture system is an environment that provides members the ability to quickly and easily capture a range of information. The data available for capture is:

  • Orders in the market
  • Members own trades by contract time
  • Members own trades by delivery period
  • All trades
  • Chargelines

The DataCapture process

Order and Trade information can be captured from the EPEX web server. Access is available either via the Internet or a leased line connection to EPEX. This environment is connected to the central database used by the trading application, thus delivering real-time information. To retrieve the data a request has to be made to a component situated at an EPEX web server. This request can be made by a custom-made member application or by using a standard web browser.

Back office website

In the Back Office website you can view your invoices and query the EPEX SPOT trading database for your historical order, contract, invoice and settlement information. The Back Office website is intended for analysts, back office employees and financial officers. The Back Office website supports the main EuroLight® trading system. To improve performance, data in the EuroLight® application itself is limited to three days.